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Bradford/Harrogate 2013

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Same for me, very difficult getting to any shows held on a Sunday using public transport unless they are on my doorstep.

You would think that show organisers would think of this and also the fact during our current economic climate the costs involved with travelling using public transport are also greater.
Maybe start training our mice to be show jumpers and out do the rabbits.
Surely any mouse up for sale by auction will be available to whomever and not restricted to nmc members only, as the way I see it if it is only restricted to nmc members is discriminating against potential new fanciers to the hobby. Is not the main aim and objective of the nmc to promote the mouse and the fancy as a whole.

As a show that is open to the public whom pay for admittance, does that not also give them rights to participate in any auctions for any animals as if there were a sales table.

I can see the nmc breeders point of view aswell as they do not want all the hard work ruined but as stated by reducing the potential buyers is also potentially reducing the potential new members to the fancy. I know it is a very difficult decision to make as not knowing the person to whom an animal is sold to raises other potential issues and the welfare of the animal should always be the first consideration.
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Been quite a few years since I last attended an animal show, before the animal welfare act 2006 came into force. good to see that things have changed for the better on the animal side and the prevention of impule purchases via sales table.

Its a pity I can not make it to this show as last time I went was back in the mid 90`s when I exhibited gerbils, but thoroughly enjoyed the day looking at all the other exhibits and chatting with many other fanciers.

The first show for this year I hope to goto will be Manchester.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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