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Bradford/Harrogate 2013

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i sadly wont be going, its my birthday that day and i also dont have enything to enter so dont fancy the 12hours of driving. But ill be going to crawley and possibly manchester in april.
pro-petz said:
. Is not the main aim and objective of the nmc to promote the mouse and the fancy as a whole
the aim of the NMC is to promote the breeding and exhibiting of fancy mice.
So if someone is not a member of the club running the show they can't exhibit there mice. I see what you mean though as someone could get the mice then decide to join and show. but I suppose it also prevents a non member bidding on lots of lots to resell for profit.

Are all the auctions at nmc shows only for members to bid Sarah? A friend asked once but I wasn't sure.
Thanks Sarah, she keeps toying with the idea of breeding mice and coming to shows with me but can't make her mind up lol
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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