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Bradford Championships - Harrogate - 31st Jan 2010

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Whose going to this one?
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Great to finally have met some of you ( even though i hadnt a clue who you were, you seemed to know me lol )

For though who saw me and wonderd who the idiot in the bright neon orange hat and bleach blonde hair was " It was me!!! :D

There were rabbits there bigger than my dog lol :shock:
Mischievous_Mark said:
There were rabbits there bigger than my dog lol :shock:
LOL - I know what you mean, I swear I met General Woundwort in the pens opposite the mouse area ;)
Well done with the rabbits, Becki---what breed(s) were you showing? I got rather sentimental seeing the Himmys and Yellow Dutch again as i used to breed and show those as a teenager (30-odd years ago now!! :eek: )

Mark, I know what you mean about some of those continental giants--they would eat my cats for breakfast. I struggle to lift my Ocicat sometimes---I'd need a crane for one of those! :lol:
i had a sable and a smoke there... both won their class and got the CC, the smoke went on to BOB and got on victory row then did well in the challenges... very unusual for such a rare breed
Oh, congratulations-----the smokes in particular I find very attractive, both siamese and marten patterns. I'm so pleased you did well, and anyone else who did well at the show in all the various sections. :D
Can I just say I had a brilliant weekend :D
Same again next year Julie?
I had never shown any mice before and everyone was so helpful. A great atmosphere and good to see people I haven't seen in a year (Hi Toyah) and also meet some unknown faces from this forum.
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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