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Bradford Championships - Harrogate - 31st Jan 2010

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Whose going to this one?
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Gothicstud said:
Im going not showing though as i have waaaaaaaaaaay to much already to do
Show jumping my Rabbit....
Now that I have to see ;) Saw this for the first time last year in Finland and thought it looked great fun. Which day is this on please?
both Sky 1 is filming on one day so you might not get to near us on that day
I am all green with envy. The only show I ever went to was 10 years ago, in the Chicago area, and most of the other mousies there were pretty pathetic looking, even compared to mine. I left my best ones at home, and took an honorable mention for a long haired marked agouti satin doe. One serious breeder had English types, and I did buy one. On top of that, several people disregarded quarantine procedures, one breeder showed up with meeces that had was demoralizing, to say the least.

So party on, all youse meezicle people. I love to see new mousies; I even stop and look at all the little furries when getting supplies at the big box pet stores around here. Rarely tempted to buy, though. There was one really nice blue hooded rattie girl I saw.....
Well, just a few more days. I'm coming, but I've got loads to plan. The trip is going to take up most of the time (since I'm from Holland), but I hope it's worth it!
Looking forward to meeting you Marjolijn. I will be showing rumpwhites and creams I expect although I haven't chosen my entries yet :)
Hi everyone,

I am still coming to the Bradford show but I will not be showing!!! I am collecting some mice and just having a look around. Be nice to see everyone and talk to you, cant wait for the show!!! :)
Can I just ask, if I leave my entry on John's answer machine will he pick it up? Do I take it that he has received it or will he call to confirm? or should I call him another night to confirm he has received them?
I would be tempted to phone again just to make sure he's got your entries ;)
Good Luck to everyone today!!!!

Let us know how it goes!! =oD
I am on my way home still, had a lovely weekend. Came home with trios of creams, pews, blacks, choc tans, variegated and reds. Oh and some bandeds. Nothing ike jumping in with both feet!
toyah ur naughty :lol: x
hi all

i did ok but could of done better this is what i got

2nd in choc and tan under 8 week
3rd in choc and tan under 8 weeks
2nd in black and tan under 8 weeks
3rd in black and tan under 8 weeks

and the best result for me

1st in varigated adult class
Well done on your results Harlequin :) Toyah - hope all your new mice are settling in well, was lovely to see you again at the weekend :)
Nice to see everyone again. Dave told me off for spending the whole day gabbing :roll: Anyway, once I get the photos off my camera I'll post a few on here.
The rumpwhites won their classes and got 2nd in the challenge.
Fantastic news, I love rumpwhites to do well even if they arent mine.
Oh, I never saw the rumpwhites! I did see some Herefords in chocolate and one in a lighter colour (lilac?). I even elicited a "yes, that is cute!" response from OH re. the Herefords but he still won't let me have any-----or any rabbits either (saw a lovely marten sable Polish rabbit I was very taken with and I liked the Thriantas too). :cry:
had a great weekend, thanks to everyone in the mice area who talked to me and explained everything, and i've got a lovely trio of creams to start me off (ok i chickened out of the siamese for now)... plus my rabbits did fantastic to boot so im still on cloud nine :D
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