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Blues and Blacks NOW with comparison pics

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Well i have waited 6 weeks for it to happen, but one of my black does is pregnant !!!

she was put with my blue male.

I'm expecting blues and blacks in the litter.

I'll update with pics as soon as possible

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Congratulations, Matt :D

Sarah xxx
Thanks Sarah

mum is munching meal worms and looking very healthy on it too!

all babies doing great
7 blues for definate!

looks like 4 does and 3 bucks .woohoo :) i am so chuffed!

Only just seen this Matt, glad you got some blues - how are they doing now?
hey cait, they are little stunners.

just coming up to 5 weeks. Both males spoken for and i am keeping the 4 females to really get my stud going.

i'm going to breed back to Dad and then have a look at the quality then and see what needs tweaking etc.

I just need a real beefy stud black to outcross to at some point down the line.
this is one of the boys aged 3 weeks

the photo doesn't do the colour justice. they are gorgeous. still need work, but looking good so far.
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21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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