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Blues and Blacks NOW with comparison pics

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Well i have waited 6 weeks for it to happen, but one of my black does is pregnant !!!

she was put with my blue male.

I'm expecting blues and blacks in the litter.

I'll update with pics as soon as possible

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Congrats! Good luck with the litter :)
Good luck! I put a blue with an agouti, and got agouti, chocolate, and blacks, everything but blue! So now I'm going to breed a son back to her, but the only son left is a chocolate. Should be interesting...
yep so i will be looking for blue does in this litter!
Aww!! They have such big black eyes! Or should I say pre-eyes! :p
yeah they should be some good looking mice, both parents are gorgeous (originally from Mousebreeder Cait).

I won't stay with 13 as that is way too many, so over the next few days numbers will have to decrease. and i really want a lovely blue doe to breed back with dad.

I hope you get the blue doe you want :)
Is it better to cross a black carrying blue with a blue, or a chocolate carrying blue with a blue? I bred my blue doe hoping for blues, and got everything but! The only male I have of that litter is a chocolate, and I was really hoping for more blues...
Mixing blue with chocolate is never a good idea, unless you are purposely breeding for Lilacs.

Chocolate lightens the blue colour generally to an unshowable shade, and when blue carries chocolate, it generally looks 'dirty'

W xx
The only time I breed blue & chocolate together is for lilacs, for the reasons WillowDragon stated.
Cross black carrying blue to a blue
ok here are two does.

looks like a black and a blue??

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Yup!! The paler definately looks like a blue to me!
i hope so!

i have 5 lighter one's in the litter!
looks like i have 7 blues... wooohooo!
Seven? Yay! :D
well unless some quickly darken up, they are not blacks!

might have different ranges of blue, so will be keeping the best!

And you got the female(s) you were after, right?
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