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Blue Burmese Changing Colour???

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my girl came from a siamese group but i asume there was a burmese adult, i think i rember her breeder saying the one she was keeping was a burmese. Any way she looked blue burmese when i got her but latley ive noticed she is getting lighter, ive never had this colour befor is this normal? or is she realy siamese?? I dont know if its related to her having a litter, and she is moulting at the moment so looks a bit patchy.

When i got her. she came out lighter in this photo due to the flash.

And today.

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she is 3 months old now, if that makes a diffrence
Thank you Sarah, that means she wont have the cch gene :( oh well she is still georgous
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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