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Bleeding from eye?

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I just found a 14 M.o. doe bleeding from one eye and dying. I had to cull her quickly and was so nervous that I am scared I messed up and did poorly.
What could cause a mouse to bleed from one eye?
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I really can't think of anything that causes bleeding from only one eye, except for direct injury to the eye. An eye infection wouldn't be just blood, and I can't think of any other diseases or conditions that cause bleeding like that.

I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that, and so sorry to hear about your doe. It's always harder when you're not expecting it.
What about stroke? rat strokes often can cause one eye to buldge...? Or an anyerism? (SPELLING ACK)
Thank you, she was from a line that doesn't live too long anyway. I also lost another one completely unrelatedly today...weird day.
The only thing I can think of as causing acute bleeding from the eye itself is trauma to the head (squished by falling object) or eye (scratch from herself or another mouse or envirmonment causing eye to rupture).
It could have been head trauma. After she was PTS, blood just poured out of her mouth and nose. I am sorry that is so graphic...
I am at a loss about what could have happened, perhaps she fell at just the wrong angle or perhaps a wheel accident? :cry: I hate losing a mouse to anything but old age...
Woah! Definitely some trauma in there, then! So sorry you had to have her pts, but it sounds like it was definitely the best thing for her.
yes...I am always leery to cull myself if they are not dying already or will not get better. This poor gal was going cold when I found her and just lumping around. I wonder what in the heck could have happened.
Anyone ever heard of a mouse falling off of a toy and hitting a ceramic food bowl wrong? It was either this or flying off the wheel and hitting the glass. It's enough to make me want to stop using wheels...geez.
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