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Blackthorn Dove and Argente Abyssinians are here!

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Hello Everyone,

The first Blackthorn dove abyssinian litter has arrived! Mum is a dove abyssinian, dad is a dove satin abyssinian and they were both bred by Laoshu (thank you!). In this litter I have three does (ivory satin abyssinian and 2x dove abyssinians) and three bucks (1x dove abyssinian and 2x dove satin abyssinians). Also the first Blackthorn argente abyssinian litter arrived four days later from the same buck and an agouti abyssinian doe bred by me, so I'll post pictures of them when they grow hair.

Here are my doves, aged 7 days. I'm so pleased :D

Sarah xxx
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Ooo lovely and chunky bubba's! :D Good job!

Will expect many more pictures as they grow! hehe

W xx
aw they are gorgeous!
They are so fat and obviously healthy! I am impressed! :D
Chubby babies are the best kind (except perhaps when I see photos of myself as a toddler :lol: )
congratulations sarah ;) They look lovely and the swirls are not to bad ether :D
Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Here are the dove abyssinians aged 11 days:

As you can see, I have some kind of recessive rex in this litter, yet another thing to breed out and typically it's on the two with the best rosettes :roll: But, the babies are all doing really well, lovely and fat and big.

Here is the argente abyssinian litter aged 7 days:

I have 1 argente buck and 4 does, argente, argente satin, chinchilla and an as yet unidentified white-bellied cream coloured one. I'm thinking she might be an argente creme with there being chinchilla in the litter, but I'm not holding my breath because I don't want to be disappointed. At first I thought she was a champagne agouti (A* bb pp) but she is a very different colour. I'll just have to wait and see when the undercolour comes through. She's a bit paler than in the photo. Either way, I'm chuffed to bits with both of these litters :D

Sarah xxx
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Ooh, the curly swirly ones are a lovely mish-mosh of hairiness. The argent(e) will be so cool in aby. Congrats!
They are lovely! sorry you ended up with a recessive rex :oops: one of the mums here did have a slightly weird coat but not as good as them babys .. i did suspect a recessive gene though!
I want the rex's!!!!!!!!!!!! I want them!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehee
Argente Creme.........*blows a huge raspberry*
Thanks everyone!

GOOD NEWS! The unidentified white-bellied cream doe has starting developing her undercoat... and it's BLUE! So she is an argente creme. What a bizarre fluke :D

I'm always saying how much I hate surprises in litters, well that showed me didn't it? :lol:

Sarah xxx
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
*Even bigger Raspberry*
They are so cute - I didn't realise that they started showing their rosettes so early on! Well done :D
Looking good Sarah :)
Thanks! :D

The dam has gone and bloody well eaten the chinchilla doe! I've put the argente creme and the best argente with a show dove litter the same age, so here's hoping the remaining kittens make it. Never have this problem with my show doves, they'll mother anything :)

Sarah xxx
Awww crap, I was gonna say I want the chinchilla doe too! Hate when that happens, especially when they are fuzzies :(
LOL. If it makes you feel any better she would have definitely stayed here, she had the best rosettes! They always choose to munch up the ones you most wanted to keep...

Sarah xxx
Gorgeous babies, I must say, I liked the chinchilla( was going to ask what colour she was until my question was answered). Sorry to ask what may seem like a daft question but is there an age when you would consider the babies being safe from being eaten by mum? I had no idea mum would still eat the babes when they had fur and were such a good size :eek: I just assumed it was the first few days when they were pinkies and had just had the stress of delivery?
The oldest baby I ever found half-eaten was 19 days old. It just seemed completely random. Previous to this the baby was growing well and the family were fine, and the dam didn't eat any more of the babies. I did a mini-autopsy on the remains and couldn't find any reason that she would kill the baby, all the organs looked healthy and the stomach was full of milk.

Sarah xxx
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