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Black Tans?

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My bubbas are all getting their fur, and I was wondering. I thought they were all self black and black and tan, but a couple of the bruiser boys look a paler bluish colour... Is it just because they have tan bellies? All the paler ones have pink pink bellies.

You can see a couple of paler bottoms neatly presented here, on the left.

This is a black one and a paler one, the big fat one at the front is the paler looking one. All of my blacks are pitch black :3. I so happy.
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what were the parents? in the first pics, looks like choc tans aswell in there, in the second pic, could be choc, could be a paler black... also the tail looks 'broken' as in broken marked - or is that the light and shading?
Parents are a sable and a PEW from Cait. Neither of us have any idea what the PEW is underneath, though. I don't think there's any broken in there, though, I think that's the shadows. However, some of them do have patches of black and pink on their feet, and I have one with a pink tail tip;

The OH fell in love and named him, so I made up the photo XD.
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