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Hi all, I hope everyone is alright and progressing well with their breeding plans. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone now that I have re-joined civilization!

Getting to the point though..
I need some brainstorming help.

I've just split up with my fiancée (on mutual grounds) and desperately need to get my dog from Coventry to Cornwall asap. She is a three year old, undone, chocolate Labrador bitch. The best traveler ever, having done 9 hour train journeys and 7 hour car drives with no problems. Loves new people, other animals, etc etc. She will not be in season or at risk of pregnancy until June, so no risk of accidents while travelling.

Basically, I don't drive, nor does my ex and I have very little money (hardly enough to eat, let alone pay for return train tickets, a nights hotel, etc etc) and I need some ideas on how I could go about getting her down.

Does anyone know anyone who might be able to help out? I miss my girly so much, her having stayed with my partner for the past 3 weeks whilst I sorted our planned joint flat. Now it's all fallen through, I'm just happy he's allowing me my baby to come down.

Any help appreciated x

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You might want to try posting in the 'transport' section of various forums asking for help. Someone may be going in your direction. It would be worth trying the dog rescue type boards as I'm sure they'd rather the dog stayed with you rather than end up in rescue.
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