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Bingley 25th July

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Is this one of the bigger shows where mice are Displayed? Are there lots of entries? I've never been to a show where there are mice and I'd be coming up from the South West so it's such a long drive, but reading there are over 60 mouse classes I'm totally interested in coming up.

Are there sale mice at the show at all?
I think if you want to get a good look at a variety of mice,meet people with a shared interest and get some mice this wouldn't be the ideal show with such a distance involved.The Annual to be held at Manchester this year would be best for that.There is an auction class at the annual,sometimes with plenty in other times not so much.It's best to arrange collection from shows in advance.It's on the 5th September.Address on here.

If you want a show with lots going on then The London Champs is closer ... bs.1,d.ZGU
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Thank you. I guess I'll wait for one of those, it's unfortunate I have no one around here who is that interested in animals :roll: which I could share the fuel cost with!
it's great if you can share costs.I'm fortunate with Sarahy,Cait and Woodwitch in reach.If you do decide to go to any lets us know and we can look out for you.
Lovely to have so many friends close to you! Thanks, that'd be brilliant. Hoping to go to the Manchester one, will see nearer the time!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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