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Beth's Brindle Project

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My current breeding project will be trying to improving my american brindles. I picked these two cuties up from someone in NY. I have these 2 together along with a red that I have from a previous litter. Here they are...

Introducing Chestnut(left) and Bubblegum(right)

Here is Chestnut on his own.

This is Bubblegum on her own.

And this is Buttercup

Hopefully in about 1 month I'll be showing you all the lovely little babies!
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In terms of color and stripes, Chestnut's stripes are not a bad starting point!
Thanks Jack, I figure I needed to focus on something that might be worth while. I appreciate your comments and welcome any future criticism.
You're very welcome! :)

Well, the stripes are a good starting point on the male, but the mice themselves are small, have cobby bodies, pinched muzzles, small heads, small and misplaced ears, pink toes and tails, and their tails look like they've been pinned on (no set-on at all). I have a soft spot in my heart for brindles, though, and I like them.

Breeding for brindles specifically, I'd first cull any obvious runts in the next litters you get, then any PE babies because you know they're not brindle (or if they are, they're not the kind you'd want to breed from). Then, after the fur has come in, keep the largest 4 or 5 as long as they have stripes of some sort. Do this for 2 or 3 of generations (brother x sister or 1/2 brother x 1/2 sister), then begin to keep the ones with the best stripes. You won't make drastic improvements, but you will begin to "set in" the larger size first while keeping the stripes around, and then you can work on stripes and depth of red color if you want or you can then move on to outcrosses for type at this point (I remember saying you can't do that right now). This will take a couple years.

This is what I did when I had brindles and I got pretty far in just a couple years. I even won honorable mention for a brindle who was 100% petstore-derived. :p
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So you are saying there's a chance :D. I can live with this plan you've shared with me. I am still actively looking for a breeder near far all the breeders I have found online have stopped breeding for the moment (or at least don't know me and don't want to share) :roll: I did contact the lady you recommended. She wants to know me better but was flattered I would want some of her stock and promised to keep in touch...personally I want your mice so if you're still able to share with me next spring/late winter I plan to come find you. These brindles will keep me busy till then :cool:
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