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Best bedding to use? possible allergy

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Ive been putting hay in with my mice and using shaving of different sorts, lemon scented/lavender from pets at home
Some of my mice seem to be wheezing and there eyes seem to be a bit stuck shut when they first wake up, one of my mice is about to go to the vets for some baytril

Is there anything I can use for bedding which is just plain and simple, wont cause them to be allergic or anything??
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shredded paper, or i used to use Bio Catolet for my rats.
yep, but it is completely paper based, with dust extracted. If you look on the packet it shows a picture of a rat/mouse and states that it is suitable for rodent use.

Its like grey pellets.

TBH if you don't have many mice, i think it would be great, with a little shredded paper too.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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