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Best bedding to use? possible allergy

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Ive been putting hay in with my mice and using shaving of different sorts, lemon scented/lavender from pets at home
Some of my mice seem to be wheezing and there eyes seem to be a bit stuck shut when they first wake up, one of my mice is about to go to the vets for some baytril

Is there anything I can use for bedding which is just plain and simple, wont cause them to be allergic or anything??
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A lot of people here, particularly those in the UK, really don't like CareFresh. Personally, I've never had a problem with it. I've used it for seven years, for everything from mice and rats to chinchillas and guinea pigs. I've never had an animal with an allergy, but and the dust has always been really minimal. The one time it had a weird scent to it was right around November, when all the packs in the store smelled strongly of pumpkins. :? These days, I use a store brand of the same kind of bedding, and I find it keeps the does smelling fresh for ages longer than wood or other paper beddings. The bucks I can't really tell with, since they always get less-than-full bedding changes and start to smell faintly within a few days.
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