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Best bedding to use? possible allergy

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Ive been putting hay in with my mice and using shaving of different sorts, lemon scented/lavender from pets at home
Some of my mice seem to be wheezing and there eyes seem to be a bit stuck shut when they first wake up, one of my mice is about to go to the vets for some baytril

Is there anything I can use for bedding which is just plain and simple, wont cause them to be allergic or anything??
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Isn't Bio Catolet cat litter?
I get loads of junk mail and have a shredder so I dont have to buy any, should be safer than hay
I have about 20 mice in my flat and havent really got the room for a massive bag of bedding, I'll see how they go with the shredded paper but I have just taken a few of them to the vets to get some baytril and they are all being treated
I always thought carefresh was a good one! I'm going to just use shredded paper for a while just to be safe and I'll look into the horse substrates and Bedxcel as I might be able to store it at my dads and just take some when I need it, I'm giving them the baytril in the water bottles as this is what the vet advised.
New improved mouse cage number one

Cage number two

Let me know what you think!!
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Okay I'll put some more paper in, yes it is, they do chew it its got big gnaw marks in it and chunks missing
Yeah I am going to add some more mice just getting these guys better first, they actually have had loads of toys in the past, I bought them a swing, that got chewed, they had a big wooden bed like a ball with holes in made of straw, that got destroyed, they seem to chew and destroy everything I put in, I'd like some kind of climbing frame for them, main thing is the hay and shavings has gone and they are being treated so health is more important than toys at the moment.
Im going to use shredded paper untill next week and then I'm going to get a bag of the horse substrate and store it at my parents
1 - 10 of 29 Posts
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