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Back after a prolonged absence...

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Ten years gone at least; I am still standing though I have no mousies, alas.
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Hey mousetress welcome back! I have a question for you! I adopted two bonded male’s recently from a shelter. When I brought them home I noticed right away that they existed peacefully at most times, but one was periodically bullying and attacking the other. This happened repeatedly for a day and I kept breaking it up. The shelter said they were bonded but I’m wondering if this behaviour is new or if it just went unnoticed. I don’t want to separate them but I did last night because I was worried the submissive one may get hurt, as well as the trauma of being bullied. I offered them a larger enclosure and I wonder if that has caused the bully to to be like this since coming from the shelter. I will have to call them and ask them more about previous behaviour they saw. Have you seen male litter mates get along or anything along these lines? They lived together at the shelter together for over 6 months and I don’t see any wounds. But the one brother who gets bullied is overweight and I’m wondering if he’s was overeating because of his brother stressing him…He spends most of his time on the wheel (maybe a safe space) or watching to see what his brother will do. I have only had single males so Im not sure what’s normal in terms of two. I know males aren’t normally kept together but these two did sleep together and run on a wheel together until I separated them. If you have any thoughts on this please let me know! I don’t want to break their bond but I also dont want anyone to get hurt.

Are you planning on keeping more mice? How long did you keep mice and how many did you keep? Interested to know about your experiences as an expert! I’m pretty new to all this!
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Welcome back Mousetress!

(long-time lurker, short-time member)
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