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Baby Siamese/part siamese mice in Mildlothian, Scotland

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We had 4 unexpected litters of Siamese/part Siamese babies so looking to rehome to non feeder/bait homes only as pets.
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They are all at different stages, some are a little over 4 weeks so pretty much ready in the next few days and some will not be ready till start of Feb :D

Need to upload new pics but these are a few from just before Xmas

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First litter 4 bucks and 4 does, 3 siamese bucks, 1 brown buck, 3 brown does and 1 siamese doe :)
aww they are lovely, can you post to south wales plz lol, i really want a siamese girl :D
alilew said:
aww they are lovely, can you post to south wales plz lol, i really want a siamese girl :D
Lol you can get couriers ;)
I remember these guys from the facebook group! Would so love siamese girls but wouldn't even like to guess the cost of a courier to the east midlands! (although purely for curiousities sake.. where could I find that out?)
Im not sure but I know ppl on another forum have had hamsters sent all over the UK like that, or you find people who will be willing to run a mouse train xx
Where is Midlothian in Scotland? I am from Glasgow and looking for a buck and a couple of females mainly females for keeping my older girl company and a buck for breeding with my satins to bring new blood lines in as iv had a constant 2 males for the last couple of months and would like to retire them.
I sent you a pm about these mice. We are able to collect if you still have them to rehome
Not gotten a PM I dont think, all those babies have been homed/kept but new babies are ready for homes negining of March :)
Awesome, I think I know where you are now. We are just beside Glasgow haha so it's not that far :)
Hi, I'm in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian. I'm just wondering if you have any litters near ready? I'm looking for a siamese if possible. Where about in Midlothian are you? May know you! :D Thanks Sinead x
I know this was back in February but do you have any bucks or any litters due? I'm really interested an also in Midlothian? :D
I actually have a buck that is related to these mice lol.
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