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Baby question

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Ok I have a litter of 7 that are almost a week old today. Do all Dark colored babies have pink bellies that eventually turn dark? as i have 3 pink babies and i have 4 dark on top pink on bottom...
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Sounds like you may have some tans. The lighter orange color isn't visible this early like the darker colors. give it a couple more days, then you'll know for sure.
oh ok. i wasnt sure if it was just the color they were going to be or if it the dark color came later on the belly :D

Im really excited now! I really wasnt thinking i was going to get anything out of that breeding. (Black x Himi) I think they are going to be blue somethings (tan/fox) they looked kinda blue-ish last night on top.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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