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Baby mouse gender!

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Hey, all. I've just joined this board because I ended up with a petstore mouse that came with a belly full of babies. She had eight of them, survived a week, and then suddenly died. :(

I got the babies to two weeks old now, and they're doing awesome. I just can't tell males from females. It seems to me that I've had a whole litter of boys, and that just doesn't seem possible. I've taken some pictures... Perhaps someone here can help me determine?

I have them codenamed according to physical markings at the moment (Except Jazz. He/she is named for sure, LoL.)

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If you need me to, I can take more pictures. I pretty much know them all by sight, so I can just pick out the ones you need. Thanks in advance for your help... I want to know the males from the females so I can start to separate them!
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i think buttstreak is your doe the rest are bucks.. lol you have no idea how hard that was not to laugh
is theres no chance of a foster mum mouse btw? where abouts are you i have a mum with a litter about the same age.
I agree that most (or all) look like bucks. You can see the bones in their tails. :|
The first morning after the mom died, I called a couple vet offices. Mine, and then one a little farther out. The first told me they had no chance of survival, and the other recommended calling around to pet stores in the area. I found it amazing that none of the Petcos or Petsmarts I called had ANY nursing does. One of them suggested I bring them in and they could freeze them. :|

All the ma and pa petstores in the area seemed to get shipments of mice, too. I should have considered posting on a board a lot earlier, but I would honestly love if I could get a foster. I'm in the Detroit area.
ahhh i'm in england but keep the post up you never know. is it bad to see the bones of there tails Jack? i think the lights behind them thats why they show so much
So a couple days ago I emailed a breeder in the area, and I got a reply back that it's inappropriate and rude to ask for a foster? Is that true? I got the idea from this community that it was okay to ask. :(

All the babies suddenly passed away today. I really don't know why. I'd love to try again with breeding mice, even if this was an oops litter - it was so rewarding, and this is going to sound corny, but it made me really happy.

I really think if they would have still had their mother, they would have made it. Here's a last pic of my kitty trying to take care of one of them. She's very mothering, and she was purring. I think it made his last day a lot better.

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Asking for a foster is not rude or inappropriate, the breeder's reaction was. Such a pity what happend to your mice. Maybe it's for the best, the one on the last picture doesn't look good and seeing the bones in the tail is not a good thing. :|
I'm really sorry to hear you lost them all. It certainly was the breeder who was rude and inappropriate! :evil:

I wish you luck with your new mouse breeding ventures :)

Sarah xxx
what a shame and how misfortunate to have contacted such an unhelpful person when all you wanted was to save the babies.
Yes, after they started dying, I stopped looking for a foster, as it would have compromised the breeder's does, and I didn't want to do that. I still don't know if they got sick somehow, or were malnourished. They died so quickly. The night I posted those photos, they were running around so fast, I could barely keep up with them! I fed them often enough that I can't imagine how they could have been malnourished. :(

Anyway, thank you all for your help on the original topic. :) I'm going to posthumously give them all names, 'cuz I think the little ones at least deserve that.
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