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Baby bunny - AT LAST

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My netherland dwarf delivered 5 perfect babies a couple of months ago but they all died, she scattered them all over the place it was really sad. I put it down to inexperience it being her first litter and everything.

I tried her the once more and again on her due date I found 1, then 2, then 3 then a fourth dead in her hutch :(

I had initially seen one wriggling about in the nest she'd made but to be honest a week on I'd lost hope of it surviving. Then last night she trotted into her sleeping bit and came out with little wriggler in her mouth, and she plonked it down at the front of the hutch for me to see - what a present :shock: :shock:

It's beautiful, very tiny but perfectly formed and starting to fur up. I'm going to take a picture if she'll let me but I'm SO happy one has survived.
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I'm not really a "rabbit person" Leigh but these ones are REAL cuties - no one could resist even Julie with her small ear phobia would love them :lol:
x.leigh.amber.x said:
i dont normally like rabbits that much, but i gotta admit thats pretty cute! :) x
same here!

Ah, how adorable is this little bundle of fat fur!!!
well baby has been named Tubby :lol: and we've doubled in weight :eek: here she is this morning.......

and with her beautiful Mum Thulie.......

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Mum is a very pretty colour :) Can't believe how big the baby looks already!
Wow your babie is beautifull. I've seen a lot of netherlands that don't have the good type especially with the head and ears but he looks just about perfect.
thank you yes I'm pleased with ears, head and type :)
I like the head and ears,true dwarves of any species have big heads and short limbs .Differant to miniature things which are just smaller.
Bunny has evened out a little bit bless him, his head is more in proportion to the rest of his body :lol:

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