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Babies all grown up :)

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Here are pics of some of the previous litters that I have posted, all grown up! Enjoy :)

(All are one month old, or younger)

This is the same buck as pictured above.

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Rhasputin said:
Who are the parents?
All the splashed and piebald are from the silver texel from you, and one of my PEW mice. The black and PEW angoras are a black mouse x PEW female.

Rhasputin said:
I love that red eyed splashed boy. :D
After I breed him once or twice, you're more than welcome to have him :)
FeralWolf said:
PPVallhunds said:
LOVE the second mouse! ive allways liked longer coats
You took the words right out of my mouth! :lol:
Aww, thanks guys :) Sadly though, I'm going to stop breeding angoras soon, except for my PEW feeders.
He's such a little love bug too, he loves to sit in my hand :love1 :love1
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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