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Available at Fall Rodent Fest - NEW MICE ADDED

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Here's a selection of mice I will have available at rodent fest! If you would like to reserve a mouse, please let me know. All mice will be $5. :)

All of the fuzzies here, are siblings. From a black FH mother, and a tri-colour fuzzy father.
(Most of the notes about being reserved, are so that I can remember myself! :p)

Black buck, very sweet, would make a great pet or breeder RESERVED (m137b, as well as two black does)

Blue, possibly Lilac buck

A pile of blue, possibly lilac does - ALL RESERVED (Windyhill and Neudai mice)

A very sweet, and very good looking broken black buck. He is very sweet, and I'd keep him if I needed a buck.

Broken chocolate buck, very cute.

Broken choc? doe - RESERVED (Gypsy tails)

Chocolate bucks

A banded that looks like a hereford! Not related to the other fuzzies. Buck RESERVED (Neudai mice)

Splashed, pointed rex buck. Very big boy! RESERVED (Windyhill)


Some of these pictures are horrible. . . I'm tired, lol.

These few mice, are all related. They all should carry tri genes, a lot seem to be very sheepy, and they look to have Irish spotting as well. :)
They are offspring from the 'hereford' look-a-like buck above.

Blue FH buck

Broken black fuzz buck. VERY long fuzz

Broken black fuz doe, nice long fuzz

Broken blue fuz doe RESERVED (Windyhill)

(End of the related mice)

This doe may be on hold for Mrs.Beach, she gets first pick out of all of my brindles, and I believe she voiced some interest in this one. :)
Her sister, I was about to post for sale, when I noticed she has an amazing tail set, lol.
These also have bizzarely soft and lovely coats.

The following mice are related, all from blue and lilac parents
Some of these have partial bands, and head spots
Dove rex buck

Lilac pair, buck on top (lol) doe on the bottom
The list in the corner is of more mice I have, that are siblings to these. The pictures I took were rubbish, so I just listed them. :p
The doe in this picture, has a large scar on her hind leg, where, when she was very small, a buck in the cage nearly tore her leg clean off. But it healed up perfectly. :)

Lilac buck

A very cute lilac doe

(end related mice)

The following mice, again, are all siblings to one another (but not to the previous mice. :p)
I was hoping for some more what I've been calling 'velvet rexes' I'm not sure who I'm keeping out of here, but if one of them developes a velvet coat in the next few weeks, I'm taking them off of the reserve list, so just keep that in mind. :?
Most likely, if one of the does develope the coat, I'll be keeping them. If a buck developes one, I could hardly care, since I have a lovely buck for it already

Broken black rex buck

Broken black rex buck

Broken blue rex buck

Pile of FH bucks

Pile of black rexes (possibly carrying sepia? I have one sepia buck from the litter) 2 does, and 1 buck. I have a TON more black rexes, so don't fear if I take these down. There are atleast 5 other, larger does. :)

I think that's it for now!
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Im interested in the Splashed, pointed rex buck and a couple of blue/ lilac does.
I have a veri buck if we can figure out how to do a trade or something
Oooooh I really want some variegated!
Grrr. . . we need to find a way to get mice back and forth! :x
Im planning on breeding the variegated doe again,but this time not to my unmarkled brindle buck.
PLus I only need 1 variegated buck, but I have 2,lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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