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Had some positive results last Saturday;

1st place:
*LC Rex Ticked - Iced Martell Cognac (mouse)
*LC Rex Shaded - ICED Galliano Sambuca (mouse)
*Champagne - Canberra (rat)
*Berkshire - Splat (rat)

2nd place:
*Conformation - Furbio's Rose (mouse)

3rd place:
*LC Rex Self - ICED Black Douglas (mouse)
*Senior Pet Mouse - ICED Martell Cognac (mouse)
*PEW - Princess (rat)

Best in Show:
LC Rex - ICED Martell Cognac (mouse)
Best Senior Pet Rat - Princess (rat)
Conformation - Iced Rum 'n' Cola (mouse)

Rum 'n' Cola really did well, she's only 8 weeks old and I was very close to scratching her from the show :eek: .
Some pics:

Iced Martell Cognac Best LC Rex:

Martell as a baby:

Splat as a baby Berkshire:

My 8 week old baby ICED Rum 'n' Cola Best Conformation

You'll probably notice they're very different from your show mice, but it is getting there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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