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Approaching Breeders

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I've recently become a member of the NMC and have managed to identify a couple of breeders that hopefully have agouti's (my chosen variety) in the Yearbook. My question there any special etiquette involved in contacting them? My only reason for asking is because the only contact details provided are home phone numbers and I'd feel incredibly rude giving that a call and asking if they have any mice!! :oops: I'd feel a bit better if it were a mobile number as that feels a bit less intrusive :p And email would have been perfect :lol: But am I alright to just call up the home number listed and introduce myself as someone wanting to get into the fancy?

Sorry if this is a silly question btw, I just don't want my first move in the fancy to offend =P
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a lot of nmc breeders are on facebook. theres an NMC facebook page that you can only join once your registered in the NMC. that would be a less direct way for you to contact them
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