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Any mouse shows open to the public?

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hi, i was wondering if there are any mouse shows in the uk where you dont have to be an NMC member? fun pets shows or other more serious ones, i will never have mice that i can show but i would love to go to one and see everything that goes on an enjoy looking at the show mice. Also i was wandering if at any of these shows i could buy mice? though ive heard an NMC member on here say they would only sell to other NMC members :(
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All shows are open to the public,you are welcome.There are no mice forsale,you would have to contact an individual privately and arrange to collect at a show.Some people will sell mice as pets or to hobby breeders some won't. ... DIDJ47I-Ow

It gets updated as the show dates become available.The nearest to you will be held in the summer at Market harboro.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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