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Any Colorado Shows?

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I'm curious if any of you know of any shows that take place in Colorado? Or maybe any up coming shows?
I'm not planning on showing just yet, but I would really love to go! I'd love to see other mice, learn, and maybe meet some breeders across my state.
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'Fraid not. Currently, there are shows in California and on the East Coast. We've been talking about setting something up here in the midwest, but it'll take someone having the time to get it set up. Maybe next year? :/ It'd be under the UMC if we did, as ECMA is defunct and AFRMA refuses to allow affiliate shows anymore.
Hmm, Im not ready to show by any means, but I'd LOVE to attend one. Hopefully there will be one or more set up in the midwest sometime within the next few years. lol
I really just want to see all the mice, learn, and meet some breeders.
I'm in California close to the shows they have here, so if you ever head my way, talk to me and maybe we could arrange a meeting! I don't know where you are in Colorado or your driving distance, but I might be headed to the Grand Canyon next year, so that's a possible half-way point between us. (My mom will kill me if I bring mice on a family vaycay! :lol: )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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