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Angora & Longhaired

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Ok it is my understanding that angora and longhaired are two different genes. I have a longhaired doe and an angora buck. If I chose to breed these two to each other, will it just make things worse or give me more of either? They are bother and sister. The longhair is an agouti, the angora is a blue agouti and is satin.
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Well, I was spot cleaning and feeding everyone when I noticed my two long furred meeces were being picked on so I put together a tub cage for them and got a pic of each. I was by myself so they are not great pics.

This is Brownie the one I think is longhair though her coat is filling out, the guardhairs are still longer than the rest of her fur. She is agouti.

This is Burma Baby, I was told he is poor quality Angora, his guard hairs are closer to the same length as the rest of his fur. I was told he is Blue Agouti.

I was surprised to realize they are the largest of my mice that are this age. Very fluffy, but I can see the fur quality improving with good selection. I had to put them together as I only had one bin left. I will be improving my caging further in the near future. They are only 4 weeks old, I had to check because looking at them I thought they must be older.
So, what do you guys think? A good start for me to play with long coated mice? Remember I only have access to pet shop mice right now.
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