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Well the story starts like this... one day, many, many moons ago (It was back on April 27th actually) I was cleaning out my meece, and was playing with a young litter of blues, because they were only 16 days old, they were quite jumpy... but what I didn't expect, was one of them to jump almost the entire 7ft of my shed!

I spent about 2 hours trying to get her back, but by this time it was almost midnight, so I set up a small box with some food and stuff in, in the hopes of catching her. A week went past and still I never found her, and I began to believe she was dead. She is the only mouse I have ever lost that way, so i was quite angry with myself and upset!

Fast forward to today, 8 WEEKS LATER... I was rearranging my entire shed to fit a new rat cage, so everything came out.

And who did I find sleeping all snuggled up in ripped up shed insulation in the far corner? The bloody Blue female!! Well needless to say I was so shocked! I have no idea at all how she could have survived! She was only 16 days old when she was lost!
Well I scooped her up (She was remarkeably calm, or maybe she was just shocked, or warm lol) and put her straight back in with her 5 sisters! And I wonder you know, if they had talked through the cage mesh over the weeks, because there was no squeaking or fighting at all!!

I'm still quite shocked lol I get she must have gotten food through the bits and bobs of seeds that fall on the floor when i'm feeding, but WHERE did she get water?? She is a good size, not skinny at all, and her fur is good. I will be keeping an eye on her for a few weeks incase she is preggers, but surely if she was going to breed with the wildies, she would have been caught well before now!

W xx
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