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Amtma Mousery
Formerly known as Lake Mousery

Amtma Mousery is a non-lethal culling mousery located in Montgomery County, Maryland that was established in 2011. Amtma Mousery frequently has availability and distributes to pets, feeders, and breeders. Mice deriving from Amtma Mousery are guaranteed to not bite and comprise of the best health.

Contact: [email protected]
Pricing: $10 per mouse in August to March, $15 per mouse in April to February
Pick-Up: Occurs between Friday to Sunday (buyer's preference)
Shipping is not available.

Extreme Black Satin
Extreme Black Burmese Normal/Splashed Satin
Extreme Black Seal Point Siamese Normal/Splashed Satin
Extreme Black Roan/Merle Satin
Extreme Black Burmese Roan/Merle Satin
Extreme Black Siamese Roan/Merle Satin
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