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Millie just had her litter of 11, here they are:

Poppy and Daisy's combined litter (12 at the last count, but i don't think Daisy was quite done)

Ollies babies at approx 1 week old (hows this for a mix of colours!!) - 2 pics

Bruisers first litter (note the two runts compared to their siblings - they're all doing great though)

the two runts together - i love their face markings :)

Baby girls from 3 does ( just over 4 weeks old now) - note the slightly larger mouse in there - thats Sparky, she's in there to give her company

Baby boys from the same 3 does (just over 4 weeks old)

It's like a frenzy in here with all the babies!! but they're all doing really well, though i've certainly got my hands full :lol: I love it!!
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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