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Agouti, Black, and Champagne/Siamese Fox

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These are the guys I got last Monday; two agouti does, a black doe, and a champagne/siamese fox buck :D They're my first experience of show type and they're adorable! I'm sure the black has some pet type influence, or she may have just not kept her type well, but I don't mind :) She's the most outgoing and active, though within the last day or two they've all been exploring a bit more. I think this is a case of agoraphobia, as I read recently on this forum. They've come from small breeding cages with lots of other mice around to a big glass tank with levels and only a couple of companions, it must be very strange for them. I can change that though, a few more meeces can't hurt :D Anyway!...

Older agouti doe:

Black doe:

Younger agouti doe:

Champagne/Siamese fox buck:

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:love1 I love the little agoutis!!
The buck is not champagne; that has red eyes from a recessive gene. Black eyes are P and red eyes are pp. He's a shaded siamese...I don't think he's dark enough to be burmese which is a sort of coffee colored pointed mousie. He's real pretty!

I like your agouti girls; they have very nice warmish red in their coats, the first one,. especially, just like my fave agoutis do.
I've been enlightened! :) The breeder I got him from said he was a champagne/burmese fox, but I agree he seems too light to be a burmese so I've been calling him siamese instead. Interesting to learn he's not champagne either! This same breeder told me my black doe is a tan carrier :roll:

Either way I agree he's so handsome :) I hadn't planned to get a buck but I saw him in one of his nursary cages and knew I'd be leaving with him :lol:
He is probably a Black Eyed Siamese (ie. a Colorpoint Beige - c^e/c^h).

I like the agouti!
Tan is dominant, so the black can't carry it. It'd show if it were there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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