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African Pygmy Mice-babies coming soon :)

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Yep, looks like both girls are pregnant now :D




:D :D :D
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awwwww i want one the best i can get here are spinifex hopping mice... maybe i should get a pair of them??
You will have lots and lots soon they breed like spiny Mice, I started with a trio I now have 20 :D
Yay! Babies-babies-babies-babies-babies-babies-babies-babies-babies :D ^^

Did i say that i love babies :lol:
PPVallhunds said:
What is there temperment like?
Not tame :lol:

And there's babies in the nest now, born thursday and friday. :D
Look at these cutie pies, 6 lovely pygmy pups :D :love1

Aren't they just the cutest ever :D
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lindberg4220 said:
Aren't they just the cutest ever :D
They may just be!
three of each colour too ;)
:eek: Look at the size of them next to that mealworm!!!! I know african pygmy mice are tiny, but I didn't expect their babies to be so tiny!! They look lovely!!
Mini-mini-mini mice!

Soooo sweet :love1 :love
Absolutely awesome! Love them :) I've got a pair of these little guys and am still shocked at size, let alone what babies must be like!
It's already time to wean the first babies, and there was born 2 new litters with 9 bubs some days ago :D

I'm considering giving them my large 80x40x40 cm tank, i think their current home is a bit smalle with all the pups ;)
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Very nice You will end up with dozens very soon,hope you can home them allthere very proliic breeders.
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