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i was wonder as it seems that inbreeding is very common and often the success of show mice to what extent people here inbreed and do you outcross every so often. i originally bred and showed guinea pigs now none of this i bred even remotely related i bred totally unrelated stock together. i now no longer breed the guineas as i have offered the cages up as retired and rescue pigs that i care for instead.
back to the original subject do you carefully put related stock togther or just put anyone in with anyone, i'm very confused on how this does not lead to health issues if new blood is not introduced to the stock. i could really do with some outlines of what is and isn't aceptable.
uptill recently i have had unrelated mice as i have just been breeding for pet and understanding the mothering and breding behaviour i now want to go in to breeding for show and have reacently got some lovely mice from heather who gave advice on there breeding. but i am so confused that when i get some more foundation stock i wouldn't no what to do with out the breeders advice.
thankyou for reading help would be greatly appeciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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