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advice on wire cages

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Hi...I bought a cage for my single buck . It is plastic bottom and sides and has a wire grill on the top. The bars are less than 1cm wide, but i covered them in a very fine wire mesh from b&q so he couldnt get out or any wild mice couldnt get in( he lives in my shed with the guinea pigs). I heard somewhere before...not on here...that a mouse can squeeze through a hole as small as a biro pen , so i was worried the bars would be to big.
Having looked at other cages on here, do you think i should take off the wire mesh ?
I am thinking of getting a bigger cage that is for a hamster. it has thinly spaced bars but i owuld be able to attatch ropes to it, which i cant do at the moment.
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Normally 1cm bar spacing or less is fine, but if you keep him in a shed, the meshing is probably a good idea for obvious reasons. Can`t you keep him indoors? Being a lone male he will need more attention. Especially when it`s freezing outside. Do you have a heated shed?
I would still be worried about abnormal temperatures like the winter we`ve just had. Mice will tolerate cold better than heat (and then you have the heat that can build up in a shed in summertime and that could kill a mouse). So keeping mice out of doors can be tricky when it comes to sheds and garages. They are very prone to respiratory problems and environmental changes can trigger this. Some people can be very allergic to mice, so if he ever does need taking into the house due to extreme weather, it would be an idea to have his cage in a room that your other half does`nt go into? Maybe keep this little guy for a while before taking on more incase it becomes a problem if you need to keep them in the house.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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