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Aaah, We Have Eepers

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XD Remi dropped last night. I didn't even know (her box is in my room XD) until my OH investigated the source of some squeaking while I wasn't looking. Apparently the bubbas are hyuge. First count seemed to imply four though, but he put everything back very quickly and left them be. I can hear them eeping away still, though ^^.

I can investigate at three days, right? *can't wait.* If its only four, she'll still be able to feed them, right? Should I look and make sure? *sits on hands.*
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So cute. I have a thing for runts...just ask Dom and Fae :s
how are the young ones doing now?................... :)
Just fine :3. They opened their eyes today. Haruka managed to climb his way to the floor without either of us noticing - we only found him when he tried to creep over the top of a carrier bag. XD

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love the mouse at the front of the 5th pic ........ I was so tempted by the sables too...... :)
Heh heh. I have a suspicion that two of my four are satins, too, but I'm not certain yet.
Heh heh, I'd love to take credit but both of these meeses are from Cait, so it was all her doing really XD.
this one is beautiful, me loves! <3
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Yeah, that's Haruka. The OH has adopted him, lmao. Me thinks he might be staying here :3.
Such beautiful babies

Pitty your not close to me I would love those sables for my sable project I am starting in a couple of weeks :p
Dunno where you are in relation to me, lol. Don't know Staffordshire at all. Not any closer to Hertfordshire, are you?

Your about 45min drive away from me but I can meet you somewhere when the babies are ready to pick them up how does Derby train station sound.

PM me ;)
Ah, they are all gorgeous!!! have a massive soft spot for the sables. I got my sable buck off Cait also... absolutely stunning aren't they! Have a week old litter off him x with a cinnamon doe off Cait, cant wait to see how they turn out. Are some of your litter slightly longhaired or is that just me, anyway, very very cute x
Any updated pictures :p
I do, indeed. I took these of the sables today specially ;).

I'm still not certain of the satins, but I am pretty darn sure now. The one who doesn't have a shiny belly is very different, and they look like their father who is satin. :3. One of the boys crawled into a pillow case and got sat on, but he's still fine :?. And one doesn't have the very very tip to his tail, but its hardly noticeable.

Taking photos at this age is very hard :lol:
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oooo they are stunners can't wait to get them :p
Ooh they grew up to be so lovely! :love1 Loving the little satins
Eugh, so I spent the last four hours coralling and eventually capturing Mortimer, the second little black boy. -_-. He didn't find a home, so he's decided he needed a name. Don't ask. Anyway, little monster springboarded off of my hand onto the floor and has evaded capture for four hours.

He's fine now. -_-;

Anyway, I took some video of them all. Still got all 12. Ignore the terrible sounds and shaking from my hands etc etc etc. ... 280435.flv

They are coming along pretty well, I think. And apart from liking the floor, they're really quite tame XD. Morti is just a pain in the butt. They have a thing about licking fingers though, be warned.
Thats teasing I have to wait another couple of weeks to get my sables :(

But they are all stunning :p

Now finger licking is fine :p I have a doe that does that at the moment :roll:

All sables have now got names

Boy 1 - Alvin

Boy 2 - Simon

Boy 3 - Theodore

Boy 4 - Dave

Girl 1 - Misty
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You named my carefully bred sables after the chipmunks?! :shock: :eek:

Lol, no. I used to love that cartoon till I realised just how irritating the voices are XD.

Interestingly all of my black girls are going to a pet home from AAM. So few breeders post on there now that when I posted my thread of photos, they sold themselves. I did get in a row though, so its not always worth the hassle XD.
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