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Aaah, We Have Eepers

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XD Remi dropped last night. I didn't even know (her box is in my room XD) until my OH investigated the source of some squeaking while I wasn't looking. Apparently the bubbas are hyuge. First count seemed to imply four though, but he put everything back very quickly and left them be. I can hear them eeping away still, though ^^.

I can investigate at three days, right? *can't wait.* If its only four, she'll still be able to feed them, right? Should I look and make sure? *sits on hands.*
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Yes your right, leave the babies alone till 3 days old,
and then take piccies lol,
she will be able to feed the four of them.
Four is fine, that should be enough to stimulate her milk production.
They're fine, me thinks. Can still hear them squeaking now. I am resisting the temptation to look. I am incredibly jealous of the OH though.

Mummy mouse is going a little nuts. She's not skittish, just active. I keep finding her gnawing bars. The OH put his hand in earlier to do her food and she practically leapt on him, LMAO, so she went for a little trip to a box with a wheel in for five minutes, and then back. Don't want to dsturb her too much, but she is crazy mouse.
When you take mum out you can have a peek at bubs, just rub your hands in the bedding and gently pull back the nest :D this is what I do ;) I handle mine at day 2 when mum is not in the cage and do a check of them all to find out how many does and bucks i've got :) If she is eager to get out then thats your best chance to have a little peek :D
Hee hee, I just did that. I had to satisfy my curiousity too, and weighed them really fast. Moslty 2.2g.

Ha ha. Four. Ha ha ha.

Only... eight short XD. We have 12 of the little squeakers. I think I'm going to print off the sexing photos and try and weed out some boysies tommorrow. Although I'm not sure if I'm allowed any more :lol:. Nanny is a nightmare though. She's really good, especially as Mum is having a bit of an energetic moment, but as soon as the box lid comes off she shoots into the nest and stands guard. The OH scooped her out this morning to no ill effect, so I just cross my fingers she gets the message and calms down.

Photos! Please, any ideas about what colours these might turn out?

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Their pigmentaion seems to be coming through quick, sorry no idea what colour, you'll know in a few days prob.
Congrats by the way :)
It's too early to tell because you don't know what the PEW is underneath... They are dark skinned though so no pale babies (as in creams, PEWs etc). Since dad is sable they have inherited either black tan or red from him... none of them look red so that should narrow it down a bit. I will guess agouti, agouti tan, black or black tans... Could be something else though, as I said :)

^^. Every one of the litter is either self black or black and tan o.o. They have varying degrees of white patches, but some of them look really good. I love the last one, with the white tip on his tail.

Yeah, we still have twelve -_-. Neither of us could bring ourselves to take it down. We have a 6/6 split of boys and girls, with most of the boys being black tans and most of the girls being self black. I have two tiny runts, both girls, and four massive bruiser boys.
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Aww there gorgeous.I wouldn't be able to cull either :oops:
Demi said:
Aww there gorgeous.I wouldn't be able to cull either :oops:
Unfortunately it is hard for a doe to cope with a large litter - humans have selectively bred them so that they produce a lot more babies than in the wild, which they can't always feed or look after properly (it takes a big toll on a doe to raise a litter). After all, even if you're using the most basic of common sense, they have 10 nipples, more than 10 in a litter means they can't feed at will. In the wild they're built to raise 3-4 from a litter (I have read up on this), which is also what show breeders will cull down to (4). It has been scientifically proven that they can feed up to 4 babies at optimal milk production. Any more than 4 babies and the milk increases but not proportionally, so each baby gets less. I usually take my litters down to 4.
Yeah I still wouldnt be able to lol.I cant even kill bugs :oops:
Alrighty, I took some better photos today :3. Here they be, by group;

Here's the four Bruiser Boys, the biggest fat ones. They're all brown and tan, with shiny golden bellies (I suspect satins). You can just about see the colour of them here. I don't know whether they're chocolate or sable yet, though.

These are the other two boys, both self blacks. The one with the white tip is Haruka, who I think we're keeping. These guys are smaller than their bruiser brothers, lol.

The four black self girls. One of these is staying here too, I reckon. One's as big as her bruiser brothers, but the other three range in size down to little.

And the last two girls, the runts. I think these two are going to be the same colour as the Bruisers.

Group pic. They lined themselves up on the towel all by themselves, lmao.
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It's a bit soon to say, but it does look like you have some possible sables there from the way the tan blends around to the sides rather than has a defined dividing line. Keep an eye on that really small baby though, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make it to weaning.
No, I agree on the tiny little one. She's still putting on weight, but she's not keeping up. Active little bugger though. Runs around all over the place.
Aah, I found these hiding in the rest of the photos. I can't resist those little whiskers o.o.

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