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Mouse Pix! ;D Woot! Finally got some good pix of the mice, pix of some newer mice and some badly needed updates on some older mice.

Very Photo Heavy! Please enjoy!

*Disclaimer: I am not looking for a critique on the mice pictured below. I had a lot of fun snapping pictures of all these little furries and just wanted to share them with everyone. If there is something constructive you would like to share please PM me.*

TwsT Fuzzy - Blue Burmese Fox Texel Buck

Azul of TwsT - Extreme Blue Standard Buck

Black Magick of TwsT - Black Merle Standard Doe

TwsT Bojangles - Recessive Yellow Broken Caracul Buck

Bonnie Blue of TwsT - Extreme Blue Doe

TwsT Calliope - TriColored Satin Texel Doe

TwsT Classical - Black Caracul Doe

TwsT Country - Black Caracul Buck

Fug of TwsT - UMSO (Unidentified Mouse Shaped Object) - All I can tell you is she is a doe :p

TwsT Fuzzle - Blue Point Siamease Texel Doe

Fuzzle's First Litter (Sired by Robins Pew Texel)

TwsT Grover - Agouti Texel Buck

TwsT Hexe - Black Standard Doe

TwsT I Swear - Recessive Yellow Satin Caracul

TwsT Joker - Black Broken Standard Buck

KAW Karrin Murphey - Black Tan Standard Doe

Verm's Riot x KAW Karrin Murphey Litter

TwsT LeeRoy Jenkins - Chocolate Broken Fuzzy Buck

TwsT M'elzar's Euole - Brindle Satin Doe

Verm's Midas - Argente? Satin Angora Buck

Son of Midas - Color Help?

Son of Midas - Color Help?

Son of Midas - Color Help?

TwsT Muracca - PEW Doe

Muraccas First Litter

TwsT My Funny Valentine - Black Satin Caracul

KAW's Natalie - Recessive Yellow Merle Standard Doe

TwsT Nurgal - Agouti Fuzzy Doe

TwsT Kryptikk - Agouti Fuzzy Longhaired Doe

TwsT Telly - Agouti Caracul Doe

TwsT Nyrak - Black Broken Standard Buck

Verm's Riot - Black Tan Angora Buck

TwsT Wickedly Fuzzy - Splashed Caracul Buck (Robins Buck)

TwsT Rosita - Agouti Broken (Berkshire Marked) Doe

TwsT Scheherazade - Chocolate Satin Caracul Doe

TwsT Vanessa - Agouti Doe

Verm's Midas x TwsT Vanessa Litter

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Warm days are great for so many reasons! :)

MarlaAlVutha said:
Son of Midas - Color Help?
Since you asked, what are his grandparents and mother? The reason I ask is that I wonder if he can he be lilac (a/a b/b d/d) or ae-based lilac (ae/ae b/b d/d)? Sometimes chocolate on an ae background looks weird, which is what I expect might have happened here, only with blue added in too.

Verm's Midas - Argente? Satin Angora Buck
Does he have a darker spot between his shoulders? That would lead me to think PE-brindle. It might just be how the picture was made, though.

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A pretty amazing bunch of mousies. I am overwhelmed by the wide variety and sheer numbers. The extreme blue stands out, maybe because so many of the others are long haired. Wonderful saturation and coverage.
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