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A sausage with whiskers

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I really don't know why these babies are so chubby; they were accidental litters, but I guess the diet I give my meeces is good enough to produce what has been called this 'sausage with whiskers', plus three litter mates that are also chubbers, and another litter off another doe in the same group who also look to be bulking up and looking similarly bulky. The moms only got supplemental feedings after they were showing and now, as they are nursing.

This slim lovely girl is the mother of the sausage.
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Thank you for using my words! They just seemed entirely appropriate. And I'll totally understand if my name is hard to spell. I go by Maggie, if that helps. I'm really enthused to see how massive of a mouse he turns into. He's not just chubby, but wide-framed as you said. Interesting to see if he does turn into one of those massive mice, or if he's just a roly-poly ball of fluff forever.
Good gracious! He looks fantastic! And that headspot is super-cute. Wait, are his whiskers going all the way past your hands in that last photo? :shock: Whiskery goodness...
"Locked and loaded" indeed. Perfect phrasing for an occasionally uncomfortable subject, at least when explaining to potential new pet owners. "He doesn't look like it now, but..."
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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