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A BIG HELLO!!!!!!!

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Hi all,
My name is Mel and i live in Herts , im 28 years old .
I saw fancy for the first time at the London Champs back in September and i thought they were so cute.
I dont have any mice at the moment and dont know much about them , if anyone can help & advice me in anyway i would be very gratefull .

Look forward to chatting with you all

Best wishes and a merry Christmas
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Hey welcome, hope we can help. Your best bet is to ask a question on one of the forums and you should get plenty of feed back :D
Hello, you probably saw me that day as I was judging the selfs. Look forward to talking to you more.
Hi Mel, we was also at the London champs so you might of seen me and Fae to.

Welcome to the forum, :cool:
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