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6 days old...and soo cute

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This is my current litter of 10, and all seem to be doing very well. The first pic is the mum Dusty, who is a choc tan, carrying satin, and the dad is a broken choc tan, also carrying satin. So hopefully i may have a couple of satins!! :)

Only took close-ups of a couple of them but still managed to get carried away with pics. Will put pictures of my other mice, including the ones off cait in another forum. x
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Looks like you may have some satins :) I would say at first glance its the lighter ones, light satins have glass look about them if you get what I mean.
They are all stunning :D
Oh My arnt they adorable :O

The babie in the last picture is a cutie pie :p

Such lovely mice and pics :D
There were two satins in the litter, one champ and one choc tan, both are a bit on the small side but are doing fine. Also just done a count and there are 5 girls, 5 boys... not a bad mix really :)
That is not bad at all :)

with my litter that was born on the 31st December 2008, there was 11 and only 3 of those where girls. So your lucky :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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