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4th September London Championship

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Hi all! I know it's plenty of time left for the championship in London 4th sept. but I have to ask if you are going there.

We are a few breeders in sweden who want new blood lines from Englands best show-lines. Friends of mine are going to the show (rabbit-people) and they can bring mice back to sweden.

If you are going, please tell me, here or by PM, or mail; [email protected]
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It's five past six and I'm ready to go! Half and hour early :D

Good luck to everyone showing and have safe journeys!

Elven and the Boggit Keeper - I'll take some pics and post them :)

Sarah xxx
Sarah, did you take photos???!!! i hope theres none of meee :eek:
or me!! x
Leigh, im pretty sure i saw you doing rather well today. Did you?
how did you do Sam?
My mice are rubbish!!! in the bin with them, i knew i would be struggling with my Selfs but i thought my Ivory buck i had in would be ok. Won its class but didnt go any further, got in the cards in most of my sections but otherwise i had a bad day. I wasn't expecting much so i'm not to worried. Heather and Phil did well today, congrats to you both.
haha ah well better luck for manchester then :) you'll have to let me know what stock you have or can get hold of for manchester i'm on the look out for some gorg mice.
I got only about 4 photo's!! hehee I was so busy chatting with everyone!!

W xx
I want to see the pics! And congratulations to all who won something. And others too, there is always a next time. :)
The secret garden said:
My mice are rubbish!!! .
I don't believe you but it is the challenge with mice that good uns have a short shelf life and it's a bit of a balancing act to keep them coming.
Well done to you deserving winners :clap
I did take pictures, but unfortunately they're all fuzzy and rubbish :(

I had a lovely day and met some more lovely fanciers. Well done Phil Arnold for Best in Show with a black!!

Sarah xxx
Here are my FOUR pictures! lol

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Hehe, there's me taking a picture of you taking a picture!! :lol:

Sarah xxx
great pics!

looks like agreat show, one year i will make the journey.

congrats to all the exhibitors!
It won't be in Reading from now on... though I don't know where its going to be anymore!!

Seriously, you can kind of get away with calling it 'London' Championships when its near to London like Reading is... but if it moves any further away...??

If it moves any further north, I am staying overnight at your house Sarah! *LMAO j/k

W xx
Willow, if you don't mind sleeping on the sofa you're welcome to!

Sarah xxx
Was great to meet you guys at the show, It's always nice to put names to faces.
Cheers guys!

That will be us next saturday Matt :) i'm bringing my cam and mobile lol clicky clicky you better get your hair done matt pmsl
WillowDragon said:
It won't be in Reading from now on... though I don't know where its going to be anymore!!
What?! :shock: *Panics!*

Edit, just saw it on the main site. Noooooo!! What's the betting it's going to go far away and I wont have any show to goto :cry:
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