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2nd April Enfield Show

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Come on whos going?
I will be putting some Blk/Tans in this time they have the awesome belly colour but a slight Throat spot
which was why i didnt put them in Last time as i thought this goes against them but turns out you can get away with
it so be sure to look out for them ;) if you can spot them let me know as i ll be putting them in lidless as every seems to have them it these aswell. ;)
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Soooo? How did everyone do? :D
Rollesby stud took BIS with a black, Kelly got BOA with her cham tan? satin.

It was also the first cavy pet show which had 17 entries which I thought was quite a good turn out. My tort and white boy was 1st in the smooth challenge although the vast majority of the entries were in the rough coat catergory. Loads of abys and long hairs had been entered and they took the top 3 of the show.
and congratulations tantastic and mousemad who also got rosette's today for mice and to Ian who got a rosette for his piggy ;)
Did they have any panicy pigs? hehe

Well done!
All were quite well behaved.. It was just ian's piggy that decided to jump show pens a few times :lol:
yeah just my boar who didnt behave himself, the others were surprisingly well trained.
Well done and congratulations everyone!

Sarah xxx
WillowDragon said:
panicy pigs? !
I love that term.Well done all.
Just a pic from when we got home

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21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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