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2 recent litters, some unexpected colors?

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I've had two litters recently, both a week old now that are developing some unexpected color combos. Some help would be appreciated in exactly what might be happening here.

First litter:
Bowie (Spotted P.E. Black) X Lana (Black Tan)
Bowie is out of two spotted blacks. His father has produced B.E. whites in other litters. Bowie has also produced RY in other litters.
Lana's father is spotted, and most likely mock chocolate. He produced B.E. whites when mated to a known albino carrier. Lana's mother is a P.E. Black Tan.


My guesses with these guys:
1. This one has pink eyes, so I'd say P.E. White; but not albino. I'm thinking maybe ce/ce p/p? Would that turn her P.E.W?
2. Spotted mock chococlate?
3. Hard to tell from the pics, but looks P.E. Black.
4. Mock chocolate?
5. Spotted mock chocolate?
6. Mock chocolate?
7 & 8 - both are P.E., but coloring is different from #3. Not really sure what to think.
9. Black tan.

Either #4 or #6 is also tan. If they are mock chocolate, that would mean the belly should end up being more white than tan, correct?

Second litter:
Lucky (Spotted Black Tan) X Viki (Black Satin Tan)
Lucky is Lana's full brother, so, Spotted Mock Chocolate X P.E. Black Tan.
Viki's father is a spotted RY tan. Her mother is a P.E. Black Satin Tan.


1. Spotted RY. Thought B.E.W at first, but his nose is turning yellow.
2. & 3. RY. One of these guys is also P.E.
4. Spotted P.E. Black, I think.
5. Sooty RY. This one's coloring is wierd. Doesn't look like the darker ones, really, but is darker than sooty RY's I've had before.
6. & 7. Mock chocolate? Again, one has tan. Waiting to see what that turns into.
8. Spotted Black Tan.
9. Self Black.

Okay, if anyone has any better ideas, I'd be glad to hear them. If I'm right, I can't figure out why so much mock chocolate suddenly popped up.
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