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1st Time with a nanny...

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My doe Patches is due in a few days and Ive decided to leave her older daughter, Flash in the cage as a nanny for her. Flash hasnt been bred, so Im hoping this works out.
I attempted to put Flash back her sister, Spot, and Spot's 2 daughters, but they all faught, so I placed Flash back with her mom.
This is Patches' last litter before being retired, so I hope all goes well.

Ive herd both and bad things about using nannies, so Im going to attempt this and hopefully it goes well.
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Fingers crossed it works out for you!!
It should work well if they've been together all along, otherwise it's dicey.
Flash has never been taken away fropm her mom(Patches) so hopefully it works out.
Patches looks like she ate 2 golfballs, so it should be any day now.
hmmm,........... ;)
mousedog said:
hmmm,........... ;)
litterally every post you have made says 'yea' or 'hmmmmm' or 'no' or something completely un-related to the subject at hand. What are you -doing-?
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