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1st time breeder, next step query

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I've had my buck & 2 does in a cage together for about two weeks now and was wondering what my next steps should be?

I was planning to do a cage clean tonight and maybe remove their wheels as well as the Buck.

I'm not sure whether to leave the older doe in or not or keep with the buck for company? She's quite old now - 18months+? Fairly sure older doe isn't pregnant, a shame cos very pretty mouse & wanted to continue her line.

If I keep older doe with buck, she might get stressed from having all his attention, assuming he keeps pursuing her, but if I leave her in with the younger doe, it would be of minimal benefit because she is too old to help raise the litter? Might be in older doe's best interest to leave her in with the younger doe and leave my buck to a life of solitude??

After I've done the cage clean tonight, I was thinking off putting the pregnant doe & her cage in either a dark cupboard or our spare room out the way later this week to minimise risk of disturbing.

I'd post some photo's but not sure how sorry

Any tips / comments appreciated!

Many Thanks

(Apologies wall of text!)
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18 months is WAY old...that would be like an 80 year old human woman having a baby. I would never subject an 18 month old doe to a litter for the first time.
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