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To all feeder breeders
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Author:  mice-lover [ Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: To all feeder breeders

Ok this is what i have to say is live feeding live illegal ? Well where i live it is. And also if you love your snake then u wouldn't care if u had to pay the money to feed it so dont buy a snake if your just going to breed mice to feed it.

Author:  SarahC [ Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: To all feeder breeders

Of course people who keep snakes or raptors in any numbers are going to breed their own food as a matter of ethics or cost, to suggest otherwise is silly.We have a culling section to discuss detailed dispatching of rodents and do not want it in other sections.This thread will be locked if talk is moving in this direction and can be resumed in the culling section for those who have access.We welcome all mouse keepers here but equally we need to remember we are a mouse forum not a reptile forum.

Author:  Vhendi [ Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: To all feeder breeders

I'd just like to say that I respect feeder breeders who take the time to properly care for their 'feeder' mice with the quality of life they deserve while they are around instead of acting like they are just unfeeling stock items. All things in the world are designed to live off one another, so if one animal needs to eat another to survive, that's just the way of it... whether that be snakes, falcons, tigers in zoos, or even humans for that matter.

Here where I live, I am surrounded by family owned and/or small business cattle farms, most of those cattle are bred and raised for the sole purpose of ending up on someone's dinner table in the near future. It's still very common for those families to have "pet" cows among their beef stock, and it's also common that may of those "pets" end up going the same way as the beef stock later on... but they all were treated equally, which is much better than many of the major factory farms that have been known to be cited for cruel or inconsiderate practices.

I'm not sure if one can know with certainty that the frozen mice/rats they are buying are not being mistreated prior to ending up in a freezer (and that's not to say that they for certain are). I do know that I do not like to see the feeder mice and rats on display in the feed stores in my area, because they are usually overcrowded, males/females all together, and only ever one food bowl that's usually almost empty, in a small tank, and they're often very dirty themselves and falling over each other. But if I was the one breeding the feeders, then I could vouch for their care and health and have a suitable environment for them to grow and live in, and I wouldn't be buying/promoting the treatment of those unhealthy animals from other suppliers.

Author:  Oneweek22 [ Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: To all feeder breeders

As an experienced feeder breeder myself I commend this site for welcoming such breeders to learn more about mice and freely ask questions without judgement. If only the pet stores could step it up and improve their set up. I do realize that most of their stock gets sold as food so they dont care if they get pregnant so they throw them all together at all ages ok I get that but some people just want a healthy pet. Ive seen dead mice in the cage more times than I can count!!! Even after I would mention this to an employee nothing was done about it! Ive seen the water bottle too high for any to reach and babies too young to leave mama scattered around a cage hopelessly searching for their mama who may never be found if she was sold! It was heartbreaking to see and people are so clueless. I want to add that when I saw this I took them all home and gave them to a nursing mama til they were older. I love animals and think that I would love to work at a pet store but I would be so OBSESSED with trying to properly care for these poor animals that are so easily overlooked. They are exposed to sickness and disease in small locked cages. Not recommended to buy pets from a pet store but I am sooo guilty of this :D . I do have concerns about the health of the mice I buy there tho. I guess what Im getting at is feeder breeders are shunned by many but really they should appreciated for what they do. Chances are that their mice are loved and cared for and checked (and I mean really checked) on throughout the day for any problems or needs. Their mice are very likely healthier and friendlier than those at a pet store. While I have never owned a snake or fed a reptile personally I did supply to a friend. He preferred mine over the pet store because they were healthier. I did work with the pet store and supplied them with my excess. I was on good terms with them and traded stock often so I can you a lot about the differences in my care and theirs. Way more than you all want to know really. Unfortunately breeders are hard to find. And it seems like most on this board are on the other side of the ocean from me but I am so glad to have found this site. This is the first ACTIVE site that ive found actually. I am also very open-minded and accepting of all that comes with owning/breeding mice but 1 thing I hate is mistreating mice and poor care or lack there of. This goes for any animal honestly.

Author:  CanuckMousery [ Mon May 01, 2017 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: To all feeder breeders

You know, I used to hate the idea of people feeding precious little rodents to reptiles... And then I thought of the precious little piggy that died to make my ham and Swiss sandwich. Or the chicken I fed to my rats... :lol: Everything has to eat, so such as the moderators on this forum do, I also welcome all types of mouse breeders as friends. I won't judge a meat farmer, so I won't judge a reptile caregiver. I am curious to learn a little here and there about reptiles, too. I'll be creepin' around those topics for sure. :mrgreen:

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