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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:15 pm 
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As I and other NMC breeders frequently get asked the same questions about our varieties, i decided it would be a good idea for NMC exhibitors that have enjoyed success with their mice to post picture guides to their different varieties on this forum, to help those with questions.

This is not to be a definitive guide to every variety shown in the NMC - it is just to showcase what our mice look like, and what these varieties can look like, in terms of size, type, colour, different shades, faults, heads, tail sets etc.

Here are the rules, with explanations on why, where appropriate:

1 - Only NMC JUDGES who have won a section, BOA in section, BIS or BOA in show with that variety can post on that variety. The reason some level of achievement and experience with a variety is required is so new or interested people can use the pictures as a guide to what is a good example of a particular variety. if you'd like to show your mice generally, post it in New and Existing Mice. (The pix don't have to be of the winning mouse/mice - they just need to be what you know to be good stock from your lines.)

2 - Head each new thread with details of any/most recent/all wins you have had/can remember with that variety, to show credentials.

3 - Each new thread is to contain pics only on one variety, so you can split cinnamons from agoutis and satins from normal coats.

4 - Please include pictures of the variety from all angles - head on, top, sides, unders - and feel free to annotate to highlight certain points, ie, lines under on pale selfs, demarcation lines on tans, tan hairs on vents on blacks. And pix of the variety in baby and adult coats is useful where appropriate - ie, argentes starting off one colour and getting darker.

5 - Readers are free to comment on the threads and ask questions or whatever, but no cutsey wootsey ickle wickle meecicles comments will be appreciated or required. Sensible comments only.

The end!

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