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Nuts and Bolts
Times played
Time spent playing
1 hour 6 mins 17 secs
This score was recorded on Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:57 am.

Game description

Navigate the robot to the exit in each level by creating bridges with beams and platforms. Pretty simple, however there are a limited number of beams, your robot can only carry one beam at a time, and certain sizes of beams only fit specific platform distances!

Game options

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Size: 5.95 MiB
Type: Activity mod

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Top scores

1 Leviw05 79,375
2 Blackframeworld 62,315
3 Paradigmatic 34,615
4 SydTheKyd 21,725
5 Mark 14,060

Arcade - Arcade Games - Nuts and Bolts

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